Centre of Excellence and Infrastructure Projects



Member of Project implementation group for project entitled “Development of facilities: (a) Helium Leak Detector, (b)Liquid Nitrogen plant, (c) Pulse Tube Cryo Generator and (d) Hot wire anemometer for PG students”, of Rs. 1.4 Crores from DST under FIST (sanction letter no. SR/FST/ETI-194/2007 dtd 26.05.08) (Office Order no. MED/1248/2007-08 dated 27.11.07). (Other members: Dr. H B Naik and Dr, K P Desai)



Member of Project implementation group for TEQIP-II sponsored project on establishment of Center of Excellence (COE) on “Water Resources and Flood Management”, sanction letter: NPUI/TEQIP-II/FIN/47/692, dated 04.07.2014, amount: Rs. 3.5 crores. (Other Members: P L Patel and Dr. P. Timbadia, Dr. V L Manekar)


Member of DST/FIST project on “Development of Plume for sedimentation transport”, sanction letter: SR/FST/ETI-383/2014, dated 21.11.2014, amount:  Rs. 1.75 crore, CED, SVNIT Surat. (Other members : Dr. P L patel and Dr. V L Manekar)