Outreach Activities


Workshop Conducted in association with industry: Computational Fluid Dynamics for Industry of the Future, two-day workshop organized by International Business Conferences at Orchid in Mumbai and Radisson in Delhi for participants from Essar Industries Ltd, NTPC Ltd., Tata motors Ltd., Maruti Udyog Ltd., Thermax boilers etc. during 6-9th August 2008. (Ref. No. SVNIT/MED/JB/990/2008-09/2259) (Revenue generated: Rs. 1,20,000/-)


Financial Secretary, National Society of Fluid Mechanics Fluid Power since Dec 2015.


Guest Editor, Special Issue on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid power Sadhana, Indian Academy of Science, Springer, Vol. 42, No. 4, April 2017


Expert Speaker, Indo-French Workshop on “Phase Change Thermal Systems”, 30th Nov 2017


Reviewed recorded course ME415 (Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer) delivered by Dr. Atul Sharma, IIT Bombay under “Talk to a Teacher project” funded by MHRD.


Technical Guidance Provide to Mechanical Engg. Dept of Nirma University for Procurement of CFD software FLUENT


Expert Opinion for procurement of Boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus in Heat Transfer Laboratory in Mechanical Engg. Dept. of Nirma University.


Invited lecture series (6hrs) on “Numerical Methods for single phase and two phase flow”, on 29th June 2014, A one week TEQIP sponsored workshop on “Advanced course on Computation Fluid Dynamics, organized by Applied Mechanics Department” NIT Allahabad during 29th June-3rd July, 2014.


Invited Lecture on “Problem Formulation and Research Methodology using CFD: A Case Study”, on 10th July, A Three-day workshop on “Research Methodology in Fluid Mechanics” organized  during 10-12th July 2014 by FMFP Society of India at NIT Surathkal.


Invited as Expert in Selection Committee for faculty interview in Navarchana University, Baroda.


Expert Lecture delivered on “Computational Fluid Dynamics of turbulent two phase flow” during 18th and 19th June 2013 at Short Term course on Computational Fluid Dynamics: Basics and Applications” organized by MNNIT Bhopal


Invited Lecture on “Numerical methods for two-phase flow”, on 23rd March, 2013, A National level workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics: Theory and Practice organized by D Y Patil Institute of Engg. and Tech., Pune during 22-23rd March 2013.


Invited talk on “Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Steel Industry”, a presentation given to Maintenance Conclave on 21st April, 2010 organized by Essar Industries Ltd. Hazira


Expert Lecture on CFD application to combustion, STTP on “Advances in Industrial Boilers”, 25th-29th May 2009, Nirma University, Ahmedabad


Invited Talk on Some Industrial CASE studies using CFD, Expert lecture delivered at NUCON 2009, Nirma University Conference organized during 25-27th Nov 2009.


Invited talk on CFD Analysis of Air-water Two-phase Flow, Expert lecture delivered at NUCON 2011, Nirma University Conference organized during 8th -10th Dec. 2011.


Expert Lecture delivered on Computational Heat Transfer, ISTE approved STTP on Advances in Heat Transfer in Mechanical Engineering during 17-21 Nov 2008, at Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology, Baroda.


Reviewed DST (Department of Science and Technology) Project for Extra Mural Research Funding Project File No: EMR/2015/002478.


Reviewed BRFST (Board of research for Fusion Science and Technology) project funding under National Fusion Research; Project file no. NFP-SIM-P-12-01


Reviewed Ph. D  Thesis from IIT Bombay


Reviewed MS Thesis from IIT Madras.


Reviewed of Ph D thesis from Pune University.


Evaluator of M. Tech. and PhD programs at Nirma University, Ahmedabad, PDPU, Gandhinagar.


Reviewer of research paper for several journals: ASME journal of Hear transfer, Applied Energy, Physics Letter-A, Heat and Mass Transfer, International Journal of numerical methods in fluids, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Candian Journal of Chemical Engg., Sadhana etc.


Session Chair in ISHMT-ASME conferences and Fluid Mechanics Fluid Power conferences.


Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), Membership no.: LM24248


Life Member of Indian Society of Heat and Mass Transfer (ISHMT): Membership no.: ISHMT-579


Member of The Institution of Engineers, India, Membership No.:  M-139387-6 and Regn. no. 090200390590


Life Member of National Society for Fluid Mechanics Fluid Power, L-577