Ph.D. Students Guided

Dr. Mahesh Vaze
Passing Year:- June 2011
Topic Name

Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Air-water Two Phase-Flow.

Dr. Amit Patel
Passing Year:- June 2013
Topic Name

Analytical Study of Diffusion Equation with Variable Source.

Dr. Rupesh Dineshbhai Shah
Passing Year:- July 2014
Topic Name

Development of an Upward Swirl Can Type Combustor

Dr. Manishkumar K Rathod
Passing Year:- July 2014
Topic Name

Evaluation of Thermal Performance of a Shell and Tube Type Latent Heat Storage

Dr. Hemantkumar B Mehta
Passing Year:- January 2015
Topic Name

Experimental Investigations on Air-Water Two Phase Flow through Mini channel

Dr. Hitesh B Zinzala
Passing Year:- January 2017
Topic Name

A Contingency Preserving Method for Incompressible Two-Phase Flow

Dr. Shaswat Saincher
Passing Year:- January 2019
Topic Name

Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Physics of Wave Breaking

Dr. Parag Rajpara
Passing Year:-
Topic Name

Parametric Investigations on Upward Swirl CAN type gas turbine combustor.

Dr. Digant S. Mehta
Passing Year:- January 2021
Topic Name

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of shell and tube type latent heat storage unit

Dr. Ashish S. Arote
Passing Year:- July 2021
Topic Name

Fundamental Properties of Spatially Oscillating Liquid Jets: A Numerical Approach