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Ph.D. Students Guided

Sr. No.Student NameTopic NamePassing Year
1Dr. Mahesh VazeNumerical and Experimental Analysis of Air-water Two Phase-Flow.June 2011
2Dr. Amit PatelAnalytical Study of Diffusion Equation with Variable Source.June 2013
3Dr. Rupesh Dineshbhai ShahDevelopment of an Upward Swirl Can Type CombustorJuly 2014
4Dr. Manishkumar K RathodEvaluation of Thermal Performance of a Shell and Tube Type Latent Heat StorageJuly 2014
5Dr. Hemantkumar B MehtaExperimental Investigations on Air-Water Two Phase Flow through MinichannelJanuary 2015
6Dr. Hitesh B ZinzalaA Contingency Preserving Method for Incompressible Two-Phase FlowJanuary 2017
7Dr. Jignesh ThakerExperimental Investigations on Intermittent Flow Regime of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Through PipeJanuary 2018
8Dr. Shaswat SaincherNumerical and Experimental Investigations on Physics of Wave BreakingJanuary 2019
9Dr. Parag RajparaParametric Investigations on Upward Swirl CAN type gas turbine combustor.
10Dr. Digant S. MehtaExperimental and Numerical Investigation of shell and tube type latent heat storage unitJanuary 2021
11Dr. Ashish S. AroteFundamental Properties of Spatially Oscillating Liquid Jets: A Numerical ApproachJuly 2021

Ph.D. Students Ongoing

Sr. No.Student NameTopic NameJoining Year
1Mr. Dnyandip BhamareApplication of PCM in Passive cooling of buildingJuly 2017
2Mr. Sunny SainiAnalytical and Experimental analysis of two phase flowJuly 2017
3Mr. Nishant ShahThermal Management of Micro-channel Heat SinkJuly 2018
4Mr. Krishna KumarNumerical Analysis of Air Water Two Phase Flow in Mini ChannelJuly 2019

PG Dissertation Guided

Sr. NoName of StudentYearThesis title
1Aswinkumar B. Dobariya2005-06Analysis of heat transfer augmentation and pressure penalty by varying the geometry and orientation of rib turbulators mounted on solid surface 
2Dhrmesh R. Rana2005-06Development of a Navier stokes solver for 2-D incompressible flow using stream-function vorticity formulation 
3Hemant B. Mehta2005-06Coupled conduction-radiation heat transfer analysis in absorbing emitting and scattering participating media using discrete ordinates method
4Santosh K.Prasad (P05TM009)2006-07Development and validation of a Finite Volume based Navier-stokes solver and application to Nanofluids
5Gurrala Srinivasa Rao2006-07Stability analysis of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid flow and heat transfer
6Sumit Rathod2007-08Inverse design and CFD analysis of mixed flow compressor
7Shailesh Kumar (P06TM012)2007-08Development and validation of semi-explicit finite volume formulation for cartesian, cylindrical and complex domain, application to Nanofluids
8Dhiren H. Makwana (P07TD156)2008-09Numerical analysis of heat transfer in Nanofluids
9Prabhat Ranjan (P07TM010)2008-09Experimental, Numerical investigation of multiphase flow
10Shitalaprasad Mishra (P07TM005)2008-09Numerical analysis of vortex breakdown in cylindrical cavity with and without temperature effect using finite volume solver
11Amit Mathur (P08TM002)2009-10Numerical analysis of vortex breakdown and its control
12Digant S. Mehta (P08TD0179)2009-10Numerical analysis of flow and thermal field in Nanofluids using Non-Newtonian model
13Krunal K. Mehta (P08TM010)2009-10Design and CFD analysis of Mixed flow compressor
14Yashwant K Saini (P08TM020)2009-10Design and Analysis of horizontal axis wind turbine
15S.V.V.S Reddy (P08TM026)2009-10CFD analysis of a Hydroelectric power plant
16Rohan L. Deshmukh (P09TM002)2010-11Development of a numerical algorithm for subsonic compressible flow
17Rishi Saxena (P09TM008)2010-11Estimation of pressure drop and wall shear stress for two-phase flow
18Ramakrishna Nukala (P09TD156)2010-11Numerical simulation of sensible and latent heat storage units
19Parag K. Rajpara (P09TM008)2010-11Static and Dynamic analysis of Hydro Electric Power Plant
20Jignesh P. Thaker (P10TM025)2011-12Simulation of Single Phase and Two Phase Flow using OpenFOAM
21Mohammad Kazim Ali (P10TD167)2011-12Thermal analysis of Nanofluid using single-phase and two-phase models
22Nirav K. Parikh (P10TM007)2011-12CFD simulation of river pockets infront of tailrace tunnels
23Kolhe Moresh R. (P10TD155)2011-12CFD analysis of tubular linear induction motor
24Keerthi B M (P10TM029)2011-12An analytical study for estimation of pressure drop and shear stress in two-phase flow
25Patel Nitinkumar B. (P11TD010)2012-13Development of a CICSAM based advection algorithm applicable to surface tension dominant two-fluid flow
26Krishnat Sadashiv Patil (P11TD053)2012-13Numerical modelling of vapor bubble growth in a microchannel using level set method
27Mehta Sagar Nareshkumar (P11TD004)2012-13Development of a 3D flow solver using geometric PLIC-VOF method for multiphase flow
28Shaswat Saincher (P11TM001)2012-13Development of a finite volume solver for turbulent multiphase flow
29Krishna Prajapati (P11TM011)2012-13Analytical and experimental investigations on intermittent type air-water two phase flow
30Sagar M. Kadam (P12TD015)2013-14Analysis of low speed turbulence using hot wire anemometer
31Subhash P. (P12TM012)2013-14Design and analysis of mixed flow compressors
32Ankit M. Dave (P12TM015)2013-14Analysis of surface tension dominant two-phase flows using level set methodology
33Bhaskar Chakraborty (P12TM001)2013-14Analysis of Two-phase flows using high resolution compressive numerical schmes
34Maneesh Punetha (P12TD008)2013-14Analysis of dispersion of heated effluent in lake scenario
35Rahul B V (P13TM001)2014-15Numerical modelling of axisymmetric laminar diffusion flames
36Sourav Kumar Patel (P13TM009)2014-15CFD analysis of hydrodynamic instabilities in hydroelectric power plant at part load
37Basa Nagaraju (P13TD011)2014-15Numerical investigations on film boiling using level-set method
38Lokesh Kalapala (P13TD012)2014-15Numerical simulation and analysis of heat transport characteristics of Taylor flow through micro channel
39Parth Thaker (P13TM008)2014-15Parametric investigations on liquid sheet breakup and atomization
40Subhakanta Moharana (P14TM014)2015-16Numerical modelling and analysis of pool boiling regime using level-set methodology
41Chetankumar K. Anghan (P14TD001)2015-16Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of spatially and temporally developing free round jet using message passing interface
42Jaimin Mistry (P14TD008)2015-16CFD modelling of Taylor flow characteristics in microchannels
43Vamja G. Rameshbhai (P14TD003)2015-16Development of flow solver for intrinsic instability analysis of laminar diffusion flame
44Pratik Joshi (P14TM008)2015-16Numerical simulation and parametric analysis of primary liquid sheet breakup
45G. Yedukondalu (P15TM001)2016-17Estimation of intermittent flow characteristics using image processing techniques
46Dave Sagar Narendrakumar (P15TM007)2016-17Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of large-scale structures in making layer of free circular jet
47Garad Suraj Kanchak (P15TM004)2016-17Numerical investigations on hydrodynamic efficiency of tapered Oscillating Water Column (OWC) type Wave Energy Conversion (WEC)
48Sharma Girish P. (P15TM002)2016-17Numerical simulation of droplet spreading using dynamic contact angle model
49Sunny Saini (P15TM013)2016-17Measurement of flow characteristics of stratified flow using Laser Doppler Velocimetry and flow visualization.
M.Tech by Research
50Mandeep Singh2011-12Silt Erosion in Hydro Turbines
51Hitensinh B. Vaghela (R10ME101)2012-13Cryogenic Cold Circulating at a k Temperature Level for Fusion Research Reactor- Hydrodynamic Design Performance Analysis

U G Project Guided

Sr. No.Name of StudentYearProject Title
1.Anirudh Jaipuria, Sandeep Kumar K, Veera Narayana O., Raghavender B., Prathusha E.2006-07Rear Wing Design of F-1 Car
2.Anand K Macwana U06ME607 Kshitij Maurya, U06ME635 M D Mahfooz Khan,U06ME6382007-08Design, Development And Analysis of An Economic Dialyser Unit
3.Aniket Devendra  Sachdeva,U09ME610 Chintankumar, U09ME 655 Sureshbhai Patel, U09ME 602 Rahul Panikker, U09ME 646 Rohan Jambhekar, U09ME 6142009-10Design, Development, Testing and Simulation of smoke Flow Visualization system
4.Neel A Shah, U09ME626 Ashish, U09ME628 B. Prashant Baliga, U09ME667 Kanumuri R Ramaraju, U09ME707 Akshat Rastogi, U09ME7122009-10Design, Fabrication and Analysis of a low speed “Water Tunnel
5.Utsav Rao,U10ME112 Keval Krishna,U10ME115 Rohit Jain, U10ME205 anudeep Bisaria,U10ME202 Ravi N. Gandhi, U10ME0242010-11Analytical and Numerical Study on inverse Heat Transfer problem in radiation
6.Harshit Kapadia,U11ME116 Jaysinh Patel, U11ME057 Raj Suthar, U11ME063 Vinal kumar Dhanani,U11ME083 Vimit Patel,U11ME0792011-12Analysis of Flow over bluff body  
7.Aditya Baksi, U12ME022 Umang Patel, U12ME028 Ronak Shah, U12ME034 Sachin Phadke, U12ME037 Parth H. Mistry,U12ME0292012-13Ocean-Wave Energy Conversion    
8.Mayur Tele, U13ME071 Arch J. Desai, U13ME039 Vatsal N. Thakkar, U13ME021 Yatharth Vaishnani, U13ME012 Aaditya Joshi, U13ME008 Patel Deep,U13ME2352013-14Instability analysis of Gas-Liquid two phase flow through pipe